Relaxation God’s Way

Christian meditation is simply focused thinking about God’s Word, with a prayerful heart.

Silvia’s story…

“…it’s terrifying, ‘out of the blue’ I can’t breathe or think clearly.” On that hot July morning in 1999, I pushed Dr. E’s office door open saying “you only have two months to make me well again, I am teaching in the fall!”

A quiet mind

Our Being in Him series is a proven tool used by professionals worldwide to help you manage your everyday stress. Our CDs work by bringing you back to a normal set point – relaxed and confident. Life’s busyness pushes everyone’s limits, allowing us little margin and depriving us of meaning in life.

We teach you to decompress and let go of your burdens, to become refreshed by His presence, while strengthening you with more determination, endurance, energy, and purpose. We are honored to help bring peace to your hearts and joy to your life.

While listening, you will learn:

Deep breathing

Progressive muscle relaxation

An inspirational time of renewal

What a beautiful and simple way to live life to the fullest! You do not have to have panic attacks to use these CDs! Although Relaxation God’s Way is the #1 selling CD for panic attacks, everyone will experience personal renewal and a time of refreshing by listening to Being in Him on a daily basis.

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    Our Mission

    We advocate for God’s goodness and aid Christ’s believers or anyone seeking God by demonstrating how to “be” in God’s presence, so that anyone may be with peace of mind, refreshed and inspired by His presence, and as a result Christ may receive a “more attentive” bride in us.

About Being In Him

Being in Him is a music therapy series dedicated to providing panic disorder treatment in the form of information and practical support. We strive to help you understand the reasons for panic and anxiety problems based on scientific studies and neurological science.

Once equipped with proper understanding of the root causes of panic attacks you can proceed to make the necessary life changes to restore your mind and body to a proper balance. For this, it is imperative to find ways to calm your body and mind by relaxation.

To help you do just that, we have produced the highest quality relaxation CDs available, with a biblical world view. Over the years we have found that this treatment for panic disorder has yielded the quickest and most permanent results.

About Everett and Silvia

Everett and Silvia live in San Jose, California, and have 3 grown children. They attend a local community church.

Silvia is a certified life coach and certified mediator affiliated with American Association of Christian Counselors. She teaches Stress Management groups in San Jose and facilitates Boundaries, Changes that Heal, and other groups. In addition, she speaks to churches, women’s retreats, and small groups about stress, boundaries, and life issues. She also counsels individuals.


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  • “I just wanted to thank you for these wonderful CD’s. They have come at a time in my life where I needed them most. The music is high quality and the speaker’s voice so soothing. Some of the portions have made me weep with joy.”

    - Laura, TX

  • “I received your CD last Thursday and have been relaxing with it morning and night since then. I feel that I am happier and the heaviness in my chest is gone.”

    - Customer

  • “Thanks for creating this resource. I’m a Christian therapist in private practice, and am delighted to have found something I can give my believing clients that is Christ-centered.”

    - KM

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