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    Relaxation God’s Way II

    July 24, 2016

Relaxation God’s Way II


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The sequel to Relaxation God’s Way, Relaxation God’s Way II contains all new music and content. It features an expanded time of deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation designed to flow at the listener’s pace. Learn how to relax as you are refreshed with a new perspective, a different way of looking at your life, as He sees you. Then feel His concern for your needs and desires in a unique way. Runs time for spoken word track is over 23 minutes, as is the accompanying instrumental music track. This is the music therapy relaxation cd you have been waiting for!
2 Minute Sample:


Find a comfortable place where you can sit or lie down, and not be interrupted. If you have any thoughts, don’t fight them, just let them fade away. You don’t have anything else to do that is more important than what you are doing right now. You are exactly where you need to be.

Be aware of your breathing, we want to begin slowing down our breathing. We will do this by breathing deeply for a time, at a rate that is comfortable for you. When you breathe deeply, feel your breath going all the way down to your stomach, hold your breath for a moment, and then exhale through your mouth. Now, breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Again, breathe in through your nose, hold, and out through your mouth.

The only thing you have to do right now is just breathe. Everything else is not important. Enjoy this time as you breathe in health and goodness. You are breathing the way your Creator made you to breathe. He saw all that He made and said that it is good. And when He said that, He also meant that He made your body, and how it functions and it is good. We are simply being right now. And being in His presence is good. Later, as we continue, simply breathe in your normal relaxed manner. Filling your breath gently move your stomach. Then when ever you want, take a deep breath and experience God’s pleasure.

We want to begin relaxing our body. We want to identify areas that are tense and relax them. To do this, we will deliberately tense muscles and then relax them. To start, separate your lips and let your jaw hang loosely. Sense your neck and shoulders and let them drop. Let them drop some more. If you are lying down, let your head drop just where it is. You are not holding your head now, your pillow is. Now, tense your neck and shoulders, hold and relax. Let them fall back into the relaxed position they were in, and even more. Do this again if you feel there is still room to relax more. Now tense your arms and stomach, hold for just a moment and relax. Repeat this as needed until you are sure you are not supporting them at all. Now, tense your behind and upper legs, hold and relax. Sense your neck and shoulders and be certain they are in their relaxed position. If you like, tense them again and relax them to be sure. Now, tense your lower legs and feet, point your toes up, hold and relax.

Now let’s take a moment, starting from our neck and shoulders and take notice of how relaxed we are. Our jaw is loose, and our lips are in whatever position is comfortable. Our neck and shoulders are sinking into our comfortable setting. As we breathe comfortably, we feel our lower body and it is gently floating, effortlessly. We are in the moment, and the moment is good.

Here I am. I’m before You with a thankful heart, and I make myself available to You. I open my heart and my mind to Your teaching. And I willingly relax my body and discard the clutter in my mind that will hinder our time of being together. As I lay here, peacefully and quietly, searching for a serene word that comes from You. I choose to receive grace, love and peace. Love and peace are nourishment to my soul like healthy food is to my body. The essence of my being is to commit my life to walk by Your side – sitting by Your feet, absorbing Your wisdom and allowing myself to enter Your courts with thanksgiving and joy. I will be still and know, truly know that You are my God. My mind is at peace, I am quiet and ready to receive Your spiritual truth. Your truth will set me free and allow me to grow and to expand my horizons and let me fly higher and wider than ever before. My thoughts are not Your thoughts. My ways are not Your ways. You are so much bigger than I am. You are my God, my Lord and my Savior.

I am peaceful and free from tension. And I see clearly the path ahead of me. It is a place where I am whole. And I understand deep within that where I am traveling is a hard journey, and that the prize is at the end. You are the author of my salvation and my eternal life inspires me to follow You. And along the way to learn about myself and face whatever my life brings.

I am thankful because I am free. I have all the freedoms that come from being bought at a very high price. Slavery to sin is gone. I am free. And You want me to use my freedoms to connect to Your heart. You have made me with a free will so that I will trust Your word, and walk in freedom in a way that pleases You. Rules, control and fear are not my masters. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. Because of what You have done for me, and because of Your Holy Spirit in me, I have control of myself and my choices. I am able and willing to say no to evil. And move toward those things that are good.

There is a cool breeze that comes over me. I am in a beautiful place filled with lovely flowers, bright and cheerful. I hear seabirds in the distance. And I see them floating on the wind, effortless and peaceful. Like them I am floating in Your will. I am circling higher and higher as I rise to meet Your perfect will for me.

I see below the business of my life. I am not part of it right now because I am with You in this peaceful place. From here, in this peaceful place I can see how you care for every created thing. Even the little squirrels playing along the path next to the ocean waves, do not concern themselves for what they will eat, or drink, or where they will sleep. They live in the center of Your will because they do not know anything else. It has never occurred to them to worry, and they don’t. And because You care for them moment by moment they will always wake, and live, and be in each moment of each day.

I know that You care for me even more so than these precious little beasts that are here today and gone tomorrow. You made all of creation and placed me in the middle of it as Your final touch of perfection, so that I can experience your perfect prevision each day, moment by moment.

As I settle into this place of rest with You. I see a refreshing stream, where I can drink of water. It is living water from You. And You are bringing life, hope, joy and peace to this beautiful paradise that You are making within me, surrounding me with Your love, and your perfect plan. As I lay quietly, I sense Your voice like a gentle whisper, assuring me of Your eternal love for me, giving me hope and strength for today. I will take this precious moment with me. And it is a moment that I can return to. It is a place where we can meet, and I can bring my child’s expectancy as we face life’s difficulties together and You restore my soul with renewed faith and determination.

I am loved. I am safe. I trust you the One who has given me life. And I will look forward to the day that Your plan is complete.

You are good. And my life is good. I am happy. And I am at peace.

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