About Being In Him

Being in Him is a music therapy series dedicated to providing panic disorder treatment in the form of information and practical support. We strive to help you understand the reasons for panic and anxiety problems based on scientific studies and neurological science.

Once equipped with proper understanding of the root causes of panic attacks you can proceed to make the necessary life changes to restore your mind and body to a proper balance. For this, it is imperative to find ways to calm your body and mind by relaxation.

To help you do just that, we have produced the highest quality relaxation CDs available, with a biblical world view. Over the years we have found that this treatment for panic disorder has yielded the quickest and most permanent results.

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About Everett and Silvia

Everett and Silvia live in San Jose, California, and have 3 grown children. They attend a local community church.

Silvia is a certified life coach and certified mediator affiliated with American Association of Christian Counselors. She teaches Stress Management groups in San Jose and facilitates Boundaries, Changes that Heal, and other groups. In addition, she speaks to churches, women’s retreats, and small groups about stress, boundaries, and life issues. She also counsels individuals.


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